7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing Level

7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing Level

Writing is one of the 4 linguistic skills of the language. For many, it is easy, for others, quite an odyssey.

Today we are going to help you with a series of useful tips to improve your level of written English.

It’s not about magic, but about perseverance and willpower. The best thing you can do is choose a good English school that will accompany you throughout the learning process.

1. Read, Read and Keep Reading

The best way to write well is to get used to reading in English. An equal to listening serves to improve speech or speaking, reading is essential to improve writing.

And just as important as reading is to acquire a minimum foundation in a language training center so that you can progressively internalize written English.

Try to read everything that falls into your hands: books, news, blogs, labels … All in English. If you are passionate about reading, find out about your favorite genre or author, and start reading. Discover these geniuses of English literature and advance your learning.

Do you like to read science fiction, romance novels, or are you more interested in comics? It does not matter, it is recommended that you read and if you have fun on top of it, all the better.

2. Learn New Vocabulary

This point is essential to remember, no matter how obvious it may seem. The more new words you assimilate, the better you will write.

Have you been stuck trying to write a text because you did not have enough words to express yourself? It is a normal situation and especially when you start learning a language.

How can you get it? Well once again, reading everything you can. It is the most natural way to learn new words that will enrich your written language.

As you discover unfamiliar terms, write them down in a notebook with their meaning and set up your own personal dictionary. Little by little, try to memorize them, and you will see how over time you will remember them without a problem.

3. Think before you write

No, it’s not a joke. We recommend that before writing, organize your ideas mentally and in writing.

In written English, it is important that you write correctly, but also that the texts have a certain category. This advice is only valid for people who already have a certain level of English, who may start to worry about style and offer complex reflections.

But if you are beginning to learn English, it is best to use simple phrases, do not use subordinates, or abuse verb tenses. Go slowly, in the first steps it is more important to have fun and assimilate the basics of the language.

4. First write, then correct

When you start writing, do it often without dwelling on the mistakes you make. Why? Because the creative part of copywriting requires freedom , and if you pay attention to details or corrections, you will crash.

We advise you not to write and edit at the same time. First, write, and then review everything you consider.

This tip is very useful to learn to write well in English or your own language. Take advantage of this trick, write what you want and you will have time to edit what does not convince you.

5. Practice daily

Yes, it seems very obvious but not everyone does. To improve your writing level, you must put into practice the knowledge learned every day.

And when we say every day, we include the weekends. The excuses are not worth it. To learn a language, consistency is essential.

It is enough that you dedicate a little time daily and in any circumstance: send a WhatsApp, a tweet, an email … whatever you can.

Not sure what to write? You just have to write what you have done or what you plan to do tomorrow.

You can consider it a small personal journal, in which you use nouns, verbs, and adjectives related to your routine.

In short, this way you will use the vocabulary that you really need to know and practice. The one that will really be useful to you in your day today.

6. Use language social networks

If you are a heavy RR.SS user, in addition to Facebook and Twitter there are other networks designed for language learning: Preply,  Italki, Busuu, which are just some examples. Discover in this post the best chats to work on your skills, including written comprehension.

Many even have chat and instant messaging services, which will be great for perfecting your writing with other users, many of them native speakers .

They are a perfect way to improve your English , because you will be able to practice and the users will help you to progress by correcting your mistakes.

7. Locate your weak points

By locating and organizing your mistakes, you can find them more easily. The first thing you should do is focus on the spelling mistakes and then go for the grammatical ones. Finally, see if the paragraphs are well linked by connectors that give them coherence.

If you follow this procedure, rest assured that your texts will not be lacking. And if you have an English friend or acquaintance who can review your writing, that would be a great idea.

At this point, we also recommend that you turn to social networks and forums to help you with the aspects to correct. You will meet many people who will be delighted to selflessly help you progress with your English.

We hope that these 7 tips are useful to you to enhance your written English . We advise you to put them into practice while you are preparing in an English academy.