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Kushner sees a comeback from coronavirus lockdown crisis

President Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner says the White House has done everything possible to mitigate the high unemployment numbers. Video

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Senior adviser to President Trump Jared Kushner told FOX Business' Gerry Baker that despite the gloomy April jobs figures, he’s optimistic an economic turnaround is coming soon as more states reopen after weeks of being locked down in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re starting to see people are opening up in a safe way,” he explained. “And I think you’ll see over the next couple of months confidence will start coming back as the disease is contained.”

Kushner’s comments to "WSJ at Large" came after the Labor Department reported 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs last month and the unemployment rate skyrocketed to the highest levels since the government began keeping those records after World War II. Kushner, who is also the president’s son-in-law, indicates the lockdown has really hurt.

Senior adviser to President Trump Jared Kushner says the task force is thinking critically and working quickly to ensure the coronavirus outbreak is defeated. Video


“The April numbers were not unexpected,” he noted. “It shows there’s a lot of hardship being imposed right now based on the policies to save as many lives as possible.”

Kushner knows there are calls for even more fiscal stimulus from Washington to boost the economy, but he says Trump hasn’t decided yet if that is needed, including aid to states facing financial hardship.

President Trump refers to those in Jared Kushner's volunteer program as a bunch of 'nerds' for their brilliance and hard work. Video

“First of all, he wants to see what the impact of the close to $3 trillion that we’ve already put into the economy,” he pointed out. “I think that’s already starting to get in. I think a lot of people have gotten their stimulus checks. We’ve seen a lot of data — some, obviously, is encouraging — and we want to see the results of the tremendous and historic programs that we put in place before we decide what we want to do in the next step.”


National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow argues the third quarter may show positive economic growth, with even more growth in the fourth quarter amid the coronavirus. Video

He indicated, however, the White House remains focused on what those next steps might be.

“The president right now is looking at a lot of ideas, having a lot of discussions with his economic team, with outside advisers, and he’s got a lot of different plans that he can put in place, depending on where the data starts going,” he explained. “But the most important priority is getting the health crisis under control.“


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