Fashion Red Alert: Head to Toe in Shearling!


What a wonderful feeling when you have everything you need to assemble a winter outfit! Alas, this cannot be said for everyone. Some might not have picked up on the raging trends are still don’t know that shearling is winning in 2020. Shearling Wool Coats and jackets are the only things the fashion fraternity is talking about right now. 

All you need to roam around comfortably in the chilly winter nights is a little bit of shearling. It is common knowledge that shearling is considered one of the most luxurious clothing material. It is extra soft and smooth, and one can hardly resist wearing it. If you have anything topping your priority list, change it and bring it down right now. This year, shearling fused attires are making history! 

All your winter days in isolation must have forced you to get back on the streets with an eclectic style. Live in the moment as you look for the best shearling pieces around. Most of the holiday sales are happening online. Therefore, it’s best if you start looking for one online and then look for physical options. 

Shearling comes from different sources, and each source has an additional value in the eyes of the producer and buyer. Faux shearling items are equally appreciated mostly by vegans and animal rights activists. Here we have listed some of the best ways of incorporating shearling in different ways in your outfit. 

Leather Hat with Trimmed Shearling 

Perfect pairing exists, and it comes when you wear a leather hat over your winter outfit. Whether it’s a dress or pants or shirt attire, a leather hat looks exquisite with some shearling here and there. Go all crazy this winter and match the color of your shearling with your floral prints. The trimmed shearling comes in different dyes, and red, green, and neutral browns make a great comeback in the form of top-notch vintage pieces. 

For a look that says you are in shearling from head to toe, there is another accessory you need to have. Before going to the footwear, just one more thing about these hats. Shearling hats or caps do not have to be in leather only. There are multiple ways of styling one that comes in other fabrics as well. 

Leather Boots with Shearling Patches 

The next most important thing when carrying a head to toe shearling look is your footwear. Boots that have shearling fused on the front amp up your style instantly. If there is a way to steal the effortlessly, it hides in this way. Going all wild with a trend does not mean you forget your original style. The unique way you carry things will always distinguish you from others. Therefore, do not let go of that magic, even if you follow a celebrity or a diva. 

Retro Style Fluffy Shearling Coat 

Let’s be real; girls love fluffy coats! Women who have extraordinary taste in fashion will tell you that there is nothing more adorable and sassy than carrying a fluffy coat over ripped jeans. If the coat is vintage and gives off mind-blowing retro vibes, do not let it go. Get your hands on it in the first chance because gems like these do not come by every day. Boots are naturally the best footwear option, and with some shearling on the exterior of the boots, you can pull off your desired look! 

Belt Tied around a Teddy Coat 

Teddy coats are an exciting trend that is raging in both women and men’s collections. Teddy coats are unusually warm and comfortable – you can take them to the winter wonderland! All your pictures with snow as the backdrop can utilize this mind-blowing outerwear. 

When you are done flaunting it, make a new look out of it. Cinched teddy coats make up for a sizzling attire with long boots and headbands. A cutesy attire, it is equally powerful and adorable for winter evenings. 

Shearling Lined Reversible Jacket 

How about getting the perks of two pieces in one? Shearling lined Winter Jackets are extremely comfortable and cozy. If you have one that says reversible – name it a jackpot. You can wear it in two ways, which gives you all the more reasons to incorporate shearling. 

Reversible jackets are short in length as compared to coats and are pretty easy to manage. You can find them online in sales and flaunt them throughout the holiday season. Buying a separate top layer for each outfit is foolish. Instead of spending more on the numbers, focus on the quality for now. Once you get a proper collection, you can work on increasing the numbers or even start experimenting!