Freelancing Web Designers Vs. Web Design Agencies: Which Is the Better Option?

So, you have decided to embark on a website designing journey, but are undecided on the most important decision to make? It’s getting your website developed. Having a professional website these days is mandatory. This means only a professional website designer can make one for you. But since it’s also your “business website,” you can’t take any chances.

So, what are your options? You have only 2, either outsource the website development project to a freelance designer or hire a web development agency. But the question is, which one is the better option? Let’s discuss each of these pros and cons so you can compare and evaluate which one sits right by you.

Freelance web designers

The freelancer is the sole craftsman, the “front-end developer,” the “one for all,” for your website design. They are professional website designers who know the competitive landscape. But before you hire them, first, you must prepare a descriptive brief. This will help them understand what you want from your website, such as features, design etc. Freelancers can build all that for you at affordable rates.

What are the benefits of hiring freelance web designers?

· They cost relatively less

Working directly with freelance web developers eliminates the indulgence of all the middle-men and saves you a hefty amount of money (especially if you are a new business owner). As compared to agencies, freelancers are economical. How? Because most freelancers work outside their homes, which means, that you will not be paying for their gym, equipment, vacations, entertainment and so on.

· They are skilled                 

Professional website designers understand even the minor intricacies in web development. They have adequate experience as they have worked on various other websites before. A freelance designer also understands the design factors that make a website “good,” such as navigation, UI/UX, functionality etc. They can build custom websites that fit your specific business needs.

· They are dedicated

Freelance developers build clients based on ratings and reviews. They will prioritize your project in hopes of getting more referrals from you. As they usually receive one project at a time, there are high chances that they’ll work on your website design with dedication.

· You get a more personalized touch

Freelance web designers are the single point contact for your website project. You can directly communicate with them. This means you can precisely inform them about any and every new development you want in your web design. With a freelance designer, your message will be received and implemented faster.

Let’s flip the coin and ask,

Why say no to freelancers?

· Limitations of skills and perspective

With a single professional website designer, you can only do so much. Freelancers can develop your website with coding, sure but, can they also market it? Don’t think so. It means what you are getting is a limited set of skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, the freelance designer will look at things from their perspective. Meaning the designs could turn out unoriginal.

· Relatively less reliability

We are not saying all freelancers are irresponsible. However, there are always some bad fishes in the sea. There are some freelance web developers who deliver the work late. Moreover, as they are the only person working on your project, what if they fall sick? What if they end up missing deadlines? Think about it.

All this can make for an awful experience, especially if you’re hiring one for the first time.

· Unexpected quality of work

As a professional website designer, the freelancer can also be running multiple projects at a time. They can be completing other projects before yours simply because they are getting paid higher. Who knows?

· Incapable of completing big projects

Freelance web developers can struggle with completing large projects on time as they have a limited skill set, which means you may face delays. This can become a hurdle for your business, especially if you have paid them fully in advance.

Time to flip the coin over to web design agencies.

Web Design Agencies

Full-fledge website designing agencies are your option number duo. These firms are a one-stop-shop for more than your website designing needs. These companies consist of experienced professional website designers and specialists who have worked on various business projects. Let’s take a quick look at their pros and cons.

Why should you hire website designing agencies?

· Diverse teams

A web development firm houses a wide array of skilled individuals. Each individual has his or her own experience and skill set. The best part is that each and every element of your website design will speak volumes of quality and collective effort.

Website designing firms include content writers, professional website designers, graphic designers, SEO experts, marketing gurus, customer support staff; you name it.

· Quality tools

Agencies have bigger budgets and technologies that get the job done efficiently. They cannot go wrong with your website designing project.

· Accountability

These companies have worked on renowned brands and are known in the business industry for their work. They have a reputation to uphold. To keep their credibility intact, they always aim for higher standards. You can always expect timely delivery and quality work from an agency.

On the flip side,

Why look the other way?

· Agencies are downright expensive

Perhaps the only downside of an agency is the price.

Considering all the resources agencies have, they must pay their bills, incur daily expenditures, and pay salaries to their staff. All this adds up to your costs. Small businesses that have paper-thin budgets sometimes cannot even get quality websites because of this.

Which is better than the other?

It depends. If you are an established business owner who wants a premium website for your business, then you most certainly cannot restrict yourself by budget. In that case, you can hire a web development agency.  

On the flip side, if you are a small business owner who works on calculated budgets and wants a working website. You can skip some of the niceties in a website design and hire a freelancer.

The decision ultimately comes down to you.

Which will you choose?