Guide to Designing Your Own Tattoo


Do you wish to know how you can design your own tattoo? I agree that talented artists make it appear easy. However, custom tattoo designs are personal and require more than just drawing skills. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your last one, giving meaning to your tattoo is what counts. Let your creativity flow and create your own design. Here is how you too can design your own tattoo.

The Ultimate Guide To a Custom Tattoo

1. Decide a location

Your body is one the most vital organ and you wouldn’t want to mess that up. The location of the tattoo, visibility and discretion are three vital elements that play a major role at determining what the tattoo design is going to be. When you delve into the planning process, you must consider all available points on your body or canvas. What is it that you want and where do you want it? Do you want others to see it too?

When it comes to semi-private areas on the body there are a couple of different options such as the lower back, shoulders, stomach, and neck. As far as high visibility areas are concerned you can opt for the face, fingers, feet, fingers, and legs. Once you have decided on the location you can begin planning what the design is going to be.

2. Gain inspiration

Once you have a theme in mind you need to be open to new ideas before you get inked. There are different sources that you can use for reference purposes such as tattoo related magazines, books on art and different art styles, symbols that are linked to cultures and traditions, and images that represent flora and fauna.

Art inspiration is going to not only enhance your interests but carry you to different possibilities. Open your mind and get you thinking out of the box, merge styles and designs. Which often leads to individuals brainstorming for the design they wish to get. In simple words, Tattoo Design Inc and several other tattooing services suggest that you do your homework.

3. Stay attuned to what is happening

No matter what your design is and what it represents, it is going to be a permanent commitment. It is something that you might have to live with for the rest of your life. Which is why you should think twice before you opt for a trendy piece of style that is clichéd. It would be best that you remain transparent to your hobbies and what interests you, beliefs and all those elements in your life that are a driving force for you.

For example, you find yourself inspired by a concept or an idea and wish to get it tattooed on yourself. In cases like these, it is important that you evaluate whether you will stick to the concept or the idea later down the road. Whilst you are at it, make sure that you respect cultures and opt for elements that have been deemed appropriate.

4. Drawing it yourself

In case you are someone who has the skill and talent to draw ideas and bring concepts to live. Then why not draw the tattoo yourself? This is going to bring the idea to life and help you get exactly what you wish to gain. Why confine your tattoo design and keep it limited to a single direction? With your own creativity you can simply add in elements that combine together to represent that one aspect that you love.

Even if you think you are not fit to draw your own tattoo then you can explore images, choose colors and merge them together by the help of another artist. With your creativity and thinking and their skill, you will be able to design your own tattoo. One that befits you and defines you as a person.

The tips that have been put together are known to have helped all those who wish to design their tattoos rather than opting for designs that are commonly known across the tattoo community. Why stick to something that has already been tried and tested. It can be pretty interesting to go down the road less traveled as well.