Low Maintenance Self Defense Keychain For 24/7 Protection

Low Maintenance Self Defense Keychain For 24/7 Protection

The world is a dangerous place for anyone who doesn’t prepare for the worst. With crimes growing everywhere, it’s best to be on your guard and find something to keep safe. There needs to be something you can use that can help you tackle criminals if you’re targeted. A self defense keychain is a humble tool that can be a lifesaver in challenging situations. A keychain on you that carries a weapon can help you move around your day without looking over your shoulder.

What Actually Is A Self Defense Keychain?

The generic definition is quite apparent about what a keychain weapon is. The specific characteristic of each weapon can vary according to personal choice. You can find a variety of small tools built into a Self Defense Keychain that’s proven useful in danger.

  • Hidden blade keychain – this one takes a leaf out of the ninja book and presents a smart weapon. A hidden blade is essentially a small, sharp knife that’s concealed within an ordinary object. It is easy to disguise and take with you without being noticed so you can use it everywhere.
  • Pepper spray ring – the sheer terror of a pepper spray, sends most people running in the opposite direction. You can also find keychain versions of this spray that’ll stay on your person at all times.
  • Cat self defense keychain – you can also spring for something discreet and powerful like wearable knuckles. The kitty self defense keychain is a seemingly innocent accessory that’s actually quite dangerous. It is a two-finger wearable knuckle that has sharp cat ears protruding from its top. It is essentially a Wolverine claw that can gauge your eyes out if you get too close. Women are particularly fond of this small weapon as it’s easy to use and effective.

How to Use Cat Brass Knuckles?

You can typically find two versions of a keychain weapon that works well for personal defense. One is the spray or knife that’s more offensive in nature, and then there are the more discreet knuckles. While both work well, you do need to have a confident presence of mind and energy to use knuckles.

In the case of a knuckle fight, you need to know the right way to use them for maximum effect.

  • Keep your cat keychain out in your hand when you’re travelling alone.
  • It would be best if you always had your fingers firmly placed inside the knuckle to counterattack instantly.
  • If you are grouped or held from behind, you can push the cat ears back into the attacker’s eye. Even if you miss, that will make them release you long enough to attack them face first.
  • If someone tried to choke you, you could jam the knuckles into their ears to cause the most pain.

Where Can You Buy A Cat Defense Keychain?

When it comes to something as novice as a cat knuckle, you might have to look harder. Some versions are available in costume shops, accessory stores and weapon stores.

Although there is hardly anything, you won’t find it online if you look hard enough. Thankfully if you want to ensure your security, self defense weapons are sold aplenty. A cat keychain is available in a variety in online stores, and here are some you might like.

  • Anything you can fit in a keychain is already better than a full-sized weapon. And when it is a Copper Finish Cat KeyChain, it works as a decoration piece and tool. It’s a thin and sleek design that doesn’t signal anything fishy and is useful when you need it.
  • The best thing about cat keychains is that they look like everyday accessories. Women prefer them more because they are no-nonsense and easy to use. You can get a 3 Inch Cat Self Defensive KeyChain to put on your purse or with your car keys. The ears are useful if you are being harassed or assaulted, and you can tackle the offender.
  • Another significant variation of this cat ear keyring is the wolf knuckle. The same design applies to it also, but the Black Wolf Keychain Knuckle is suitable for men. It could just be another fun keyring item, but in actuality, it can become a weapon when needed.

Buying Self Defense Rings From One Place

There might be a scatter of keyrings you can find that can double as defense rings as well. If you want a designated collection of self defense keychains, then PA Knives is the place to look. Not only will you find a versatile collection of knuckles, rings, hidden blades, but they’ll be affordable too.

There is no need to get into the hassle of toting guns or using something more complicated. With some basic training and full belief in yourself, a self defense ring will suffice as a weapon. Rather than settling for a few pieces at your local store, you can find a bunch of them at PA Knives.

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