Mind Blowing Winter Lighting Ideas


Winter is the most magical time of the year it brings special charm, cozy evenings, and dinner parties. It’s the best time to spend more time with your family instead of going outside and just roaming. Winter also brings darker months of the year. It’s time to warm up your home with charming lighting products from the best lighting store Mafee Mushkil. Even if you think that the current lighting situation of your home is enough, you will be surely surprised by the change of entire lighting of your room by simply adding table lamps or floor lamps. This article provides you with lighting tips, especially for winter.

Combination Of lighting Fixtures

You just need to combine different lighting fixtures in each room, in this way you are creating flexible lighting conditions. Use ceiling lights to light up the whole room. Go for floor lamps for adding elegance in the room or add a table lamp to brighten up a special corner especially for reading or decorating.

Importance of Light Bulbs

If you are looking for a big difference for a small change then you just need to change your light bulbs. Choose bulbs with lighting heat and glow. you can even choose warm hues over bulbs.

Upgrade your lamps shades

Consider changing your lampshades for the addition of warm filter in your room, it will instantly transform your room into more cosy space. leave white or light lampshades for winter and choose a darker shade for winter. It would be perfect for long evenings in winter.

Make a Focal point

Add a pendant light to introduce more atmospheric light in your main area. You can find several options according to your roof styles and overall decor.

Add a mirror

You can instantly double the amount of light in the room by simply adding a mirror opposite the window. It will make the room brighter and reflect natural daylight in every corner of the room. Moreover, it also adds a decorative feature to your room.

Install wall sconces.

Wall scones are a beautiful addition to the room, especially during winter darker nights. You can place your wall scones above both sides of the bed or in the bathroom above the mirror. It not only looks good but also adds a beautiful glow in overall lighting. 

Light some candles.

Lighting candles make everything around more magical and loving. It simply calms our minds and reminds us of the old beautiful relaxing environment. It looks charming and adds a warm glow to the overall lighting decor of the room.

Undershelf lighting and string lighting

Undershelf, lighting calls attention to the interesting part of the room, and string lights look like a part of the fairy world where everything looks light up and wonderful. If you do not want to cut the holes, go for small attachable lights in the room.

Add a lantern lamp

Winter room décor requires some vintage look that is easily achieved by adding a beautiful lantern lamp in the room. Lamps like this have ability to instantly catch everyone’s attention.

Decor your favorite corner

Are you addicted to the special corner of your house? It is time to make it more loving. Add a tripod floor lamp in the corner and leave the entire decor to the ambient light produce by that lamp. This floor lamp will produce a focal point and make it more attractive.

Upgrade your Ceiling lights

Upgrade your ceiling light by adding different layers of lighting to it. Ceiling lights are always popular with people having decor sense because it can instantly change the entire room decor in winter as there are darker evenings and nights. Remember to plan carefully and place your light in the area you use more often, such as a dining area or reading points

Time to change your Curtains

Winter is here, so you need to change your dark shades window blinds and curtains and opt for neat blinds at the windows, which can be fully drawn away from the opening. In this way, you will be able to use more loving natural lights in winter deeply.

Smart lighting

Technology is changing day by day in every aspect of life. Smart lighting is also getting popular day by day as many people don’t like returning home in a fully dark environment or don’t want to destroy their mood while watching TV in a warm blanket, and they need to adjust room light. Smart lighting gives you the flexibility to pre-set all your lighting requirements, and you can set a timer for lamps that can automatically turn on and off before you arrived at home. Mualim Store has the best electrical and home appliances in the whole UAE.

Cheerful colors

Don’t just let away winter darkly and coldly. Instead, add some colorful bulbs, especially in the entryway. It will make your mood happy and warmer while entering the house. Colors and shine brighten everything around, and there are several options to suit any decor of the entryway.

Natural Decor

Many people prefer to stay at home during winter, but don’t forget to incorporate indoor plants to remain in touch with nature. Make your room brighter by increasing the size of the windows. Choose varieties of sculptural leaves to make your room look more lively and cheerful.

Add textured Items

Give your living room or bedroom a quick update by just laying and adding textured items like bedding, pillows couches or cushions. This textured item attracts everyone attention, and it will make your room a cozy refuge from cold winter. Changing these covers are less time taking but have a huge impact on overall decor

Decorate your fireplace

Fireplace decoration can lead to interesting decor. You have a variety of ideas to decorate your area around the fireplace. For example, simply add a wooden mantle that brings warm tones into this space and draws attention to the living room’s main feature. You can also choose Carved stones for a cottage look around the firewall or a new painting of abstract art.  This will make the sitting area cozier and relax.