Tips for Saving Money on Takeaway


Save money, save money, and save money. After the outbreak of the pandemic, tons of people are in the rush of putting aside money by doing whatever they can to do so. Some are religiously following a lean budget, and some are adjusting with their day-to-day expenses to allow more cash to flow in. However, some people are more frugal. They are trying to save money on takeaway.

If you are also dependent on takeaway, you can also save a fair amount of money. The best way is to prepare your meal at home. However, it does not mean you cannot order food from restaurants. Since people are afraid to visit restaurants due to the pandemic, the number of food deliveries has increased suddenly. Here is how you can save money on takeaway:

Order indirectly from restaurants

Several takeaway sites are out there like Uber Eats. They are convenient to use, and it seems like they do not charge much. Well, it is acceptable as long as you can afford, but if you breakdown the cost, you will understand that the delivery fees quickly add up your total monthly or annual bill. Delivery charges vary from restaurant to restaurant.

The best way to save money on takeaway food directly orders food from the restaurant site. Since you order from a third-party site, they charge you additional fees that they have to transfer to them. If you still want to order from a third-party site, make sure that they are offering some cashback and discount coupons. You can find them running such promotional offers to encourage a large number of people to order food.

Pick up your food

You all know that meal is a must and it comes in essential expenses. However, yet you can whittle down your food cost. Many people do not bother to cut back on food expenses, and eventually, they end up with installment loans for bad credit to make ends meet. After spending your full day in a stressful environment for your workplace, you can shun going to your favourite restaurant.

If you want to dodge the delivery cost, you should fetch it yourself. Try to pick up food from a nearby restaurant so you can walk down on foot. However, if the distance is not that small that you can walk down up to the restaurant, try to ride a bicycle.  

Avail yourself of credit card promotions

Sometimes you can get discounts on takeaway by using credit card promotion deals. However, they are not straightaway as 10% or 20%. They will allow you to get a discount on a minimum order like “get £5 off on a £30 purchase”.

Note that not all credit cards offer this facility. If you are planning to sign up a new credit card, make sure that you are choosing the one that provides such offers.

Bring restaurant flavours at home

Are you fond of restaurant food? Do you find meal bland when it lacks restaurant flavours? Try to make it at your home on a budget. For instance, if you love Chinese-style rice, you need to boil them, add dark soy sauce and scrambled eggs to make it scrumptious.

Do not forget to add extra water while boiling them to make them fluffy. If you have other dishes on your mind, get a recipe book and try to cook it on your own. Once you get it in your stride, you can do experiments and make food more scrumptious.

It is a crucial time, and hence it becomes essential to save money. The more you save, the better it is. If you do not take control of your spending this time, you will end up being broke. Try to save money on everything. You can cut back on your takeaway by following the tips mentioned above.

Having some money in your emergency cushion will help you meet unforeseen expenses, and if you still face some cash shortfall, no credit check loans with no guarantors are always out there. So, how are you going to manage your food bills?